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Terms of Use

Terms of use for PIF - Pay It Forward

In order for everyone to be able to shop, give, wish and borrow safely at PIF, you need to follow our terms of use. Read the terms and conditions and contact customer service if there is anything you are unsure about.


The terms are for your safety in the PIF app

Ads that do not follow the rules will not be published. Delete or extend your old ad if you are going to advertise the same product or service again. If you are unsure whether your ad complies with the rules, ask customer service. For company advertisers, in addition to what is stated below, the following conditions for companies apply.



These terms (the "Terms of Use"), together with the other terms and conditions found on's website and mobile applications (collectively, we refer to these as the "Site") and such terms as PIF may provide to a user separately in some cases, govern your use of PIFs services (the “Services”). The services are provided by PIF App AB, org. number 559129-3690 (“PIF” or “we”). By using the Services, you agree to these Terms of Use and agree to comply with them. This version of the Terms of Use is effective from November 1, 2022. We recommend that you read the Terms of Use carefully and print a copy of the Terms of Use for future reference.


Your personal data

In order for us to be able to give you access to our services, for example give you the opportunity to advertise in the PIF app or contact advertisers, we need to collect and process certain personal data about you. In PIF's personal data policy there is information about what information we collect, how we use your personal data and what choices and rights you have, for example in terms of gaining access to your personal data.

Personal data

The use of the Service includes the processing of personal data for various purposes. PIF is the personal data controller for all processing of personal data that PIF, or others on behalf of PIF, carry out within the framework of the Service. Personal data is information which can be directly or indirectly attributed to a person, for example name and address. Contact details for PIF can be found at the bottom of this information.


By accepting the Terms, Users consent to PIF processing (i) contact details such as name, e-mail, telephone number, address and social security number, (ii) payment details such as debit or credit card or bank account for payment, (iii) geographical position such as coordinates, ( iv) detailed order history including receipts and times, (v) IP address (vi) user information, about Users for the purposes specified under the point below.


PIF may use, compile, process and analyze the information described above to administer the User's account with PIF, to market PIF and PIF's potential partners' products and services, to analyze the User's use of the Service, to ensure the Service's technical functionality as well as to fulfill obligations according to law or regulation. (i) Contact details are used to create an account with PIF and an advertisement. (ii) Payment information is used to be able to receive payment for items or services (iii) Geographical position is used to be able to show ads closest to you or the closest desired address. (iv) Order history is used to present the history to the user and to calculate response rates and average response times and other user statistics. 


Users have the right, free of charge, to receive information and register extracts about the processing of personal data that PIF carries out regarding Users. Users also have the right to request correction, deletion or blocking of personal data that is incorrect.


Other parties who receive your user data from PIF. We share your personal data with: (i) The police when investigating crime. (ii) Google Cloud Services (Firebase). (iii) and such supplier who from time to time replaces these for the management of server environments such as databases and applications.


In cases where we transfer your data to another company that processes your personal data on our behalf as a personal data processor, we have a processor agreement in place with strict instructions on the processing of personal data, confidentiality and security.


If you have questions about or objections to how we handle your personal data, please contact: E-mail:, PIF App AB, Kristinebergs slottsväg 3, 112 14 Stockholm.


Managing Payments 

All payments that include PIF and the Services will be processed by a third party and will then follow their terms of use and personal data management. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the payment providers' terms of use before use. PIF will not be responsible for the actions or lack of actions of third party payment providers, including, but not limited to, system outages or payment service interruptions.


Conditions for you to be able to use the Services

To enter into an agreement about the Services, you must be 18 years old or have a guardian's approval. The services are not provided to persons or companies that have previously violated the Terms of Use, conditions previously provided by PIF or laws and regulations. If you register a company as a user, you certify that you have the authority to bind the company to these terms of use.


Advertising in the PIF app

In PIF's rules for advertising (see below) there are rules for the design and categorization of advertisements. To advertise in the PIF app, you must follow the rules for advertising. PIF reserves the right to block or suspend a user who abuses, manipulates or uses the Services in violation of the Terms of Use, including the rules for advertising.

User Generated Content

User-generated content refers to all such content that a user of a Service creates and/or posts on the Website, such as e.g. images, videos and ad texts ("User Generated Content"). You warrant that you hold the necessary rights to the User Generated Content, either by creating it yourself (be it, for example, an image, a movie or an ad text), or that everyone who participated has given you permission to use it.  


User Generated Content on the Website in accordance with the Terms of Use.

This means that you warrant that User Generated Content does not contain intellectual property rights, such as music, film, image, logo or other material that you do not have permission to use.


You warrant that you have ensured that the persons who can be identified in the User Generated Content (for example, in an image or film or by their name alone) are aware of how the material will be used and that they have agreed to participate in the User Generated Content and that PIF may also use the User Generated Content for marketing purposes.


By posting User Generated Content on the Website, for example by placing an advertisement, you grant PIF an unrestricted right to freely dispose of the User Generated Content, for example by processing, formatting, storing or copying it and making it available to the public regardless media channel and to pass on these rights to possible collaboration partners. PIF may also use the User Generated Content for marketing purposes. PIF's rights remain even after an advertisement has been deleted.

You hereby waive all claims for compensation from PIF for PIF's use of the User Generated Content.


Immaterial rights

PIF, or PIF's licensors, own the intellectual property rights to text, images, designs and the other material and information made available to you through your use of the Services. The same applies to the underlying program code for the Services. Such material and information may not be used in any other way than within the framework of normal use of the Services. Unless otherwise stated, all material is the exclusive property of PIF.


You may print individual pages from the Website, but otherwise you may not copy, reproduce, publish, upload, send or distribute any material or information on the Website without prior written permission from PIF. Use of automated services such as robots, spiders, indexing and the like as well as other methods for systematic use of the content on the Website is not permitted without prior written permission from PIF. Any unauthorized use entails liability for compensation. Anyone who intentionally or through gross negligence breaks the law can be punished with a fine or imprisonment of up to two years and be ordered to pay damages.



According to the Marketing Act (2008:486), all marketing must comply with good marketing practice. If a company breaks the rules, the Market Court can prohibit this and if it continues, the company can be sentenced to pay a fine (a kind of fine). It is expressly forbidden to send advertising via e-mail or SMS to natural persons unless they have agreed to it in advance. It is also prohibited to conduct telephone sales to persons who have clearly objected to this.


Limitation of liability

The block does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to the Services. The operation of the Website may be disrupted by a number of factors beyond PIF's control and PIF makes no guarantees regarding the Website's function or availability. PIF cannot be held responsible for damages that are directly or indirectly caused by use of the Website and its content.

The website is primarily an advertisement site/marketplace. The website is thus a forum that allows users to advertise, give and exchange goods and services. PIF has no control over and does not participate in the transaction between a donor and a recipient. You should not assume that an offer, donation or wish for an item is valid and legal merely because it appears on the Site. PIF is not responsible for the advertised product or service.


PIF is not responsible in any case for indirect damages such as loss of profit, loss of data, costs that have become useless or other consequential damages. In the event of technical errors affecting the advertising, no compensation is issued. PIF is not responsible for damage caused by non-appearing or delayed advertisement responses or incorrect information in the advertisement text.



As a user, you undertake to indemnify PIF in the event that a third party makes a claim for compensation due to User Generated Content or because you have otherwise acted in violation of these Terms of Use or in violation of applicable law or third party rights .


Right of withdrawal

When you buy services via the Internet, you generally have a 14-day right of withdrawal, and this also applies to services you buy from PIF. 



By accepting the Terms of Use, you agree that the agreement you have entered into with PIF, without your consent, can be transferred to another company that is wholly or partially, directly or indirectly owned by PIF App AB or to a third party in connection with a collection or business transfer that includes the Services.


Changes in the Services

PIF may at any time and without prior notice decide to discontinue the Services or replace the Services with other services. In such case, PIF reserves the right to terminate your access to the Services, which will take place after you have received information about this, e.g. by notification to your registered email address. Any compensation paid in advance for the Services will in such cases be refunded to you.


Changes to the Terms of Use

PIF may change these Terms of Use from time to time. However, to the extent that we make material changes that require your consent, we will obtain your consent before the change takes effect.


Applicable law and dispute resolution

Swedish law shall apply to the Services and these Terms of Use. Disputes must be settled by the Swedish general court.

You can also contact the General Complaints Board, read more at


Contact details

PIF App AB, Kristinebergs slottsväg 3, 112 14 Stockholm.


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