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PIF as an App?

One morning in August 2021, I wrote on a post-it note in the kitchen: "PIF as an app?" It became the start of the project that would become a start-up and soon a complete (well, in its first version) PIF app!

Already six months before my eureka moment, which was manifested on a post-it note in the kitchen, my wife and now co-founder Anne Lichtenstein, had started a Facebook group, Kungsholmen PIF, together with another resident of Kungsholmen in Stockholm. PIF stands for pay it forward and the group's purpose is to give residents of Kungsholmen the opportunity to pass on (pay forward), things and clothes and other things that they no longer have use for and thus at the same time spread joy and help others in their vicinity.

Today we have several Facebook groups in Stockholm and tens of thousands of "pifs" have taken place. Many, many children's clothes, bicycles, beds and a lot of other things have changed hands - often more than once!

The PIF app will make it possible for all people in Sweden and the rest of the world to pass on, "pif", and request things in their immediate area. Together we are able to create a more sustainable world where we only consume when we have to and reuse when we can.

PIF - happy neighbor, happy wallet, happy planet!
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