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This is how you create a happier and more sustainable world

Have you seen the movie Pay It Forward? It's about Trevor, a schoolboy who is tasked by his primary school teacher to come up with an idea that could make the world a little better and then put it into action. Trevor gets the simple but brilliant idea that if a person does a good deed for another person and in return asks them to, instead of paying back, pay it forward - to three other people who are similarly asked to pay it forward, the world will eventually be filled with good deeds and become a better place.

In practice, this is what we do in our PIF communities on Facebook! If you have something - a gadget, an article of clothing or a piece of furniture - that you yourself have no use for, you can pass it on, or pif it, as we say (from PIF = Pay It Forward), to someone else without asking anything in return other than that the person who receives your pif in return is asked to pay it forward to someone else.

In addition to the joy and happiness that piffing creates in the people who give and receive unconditionally, PIF results in a more sustainable society, as we increase the lifespan and utilization rate of our collected possessions. Over a hundred thousand things have already been piffed in our PIF communities on Facebook. But now we need YOUR help to grow the community so that more things are piffed and the world thus becomes a little happier and more sustainable!

Anybody can start a PIF community in the form of a PIF group on Facebook. All you need is (1) access to a smartphone or computer with internet connection, (2) a private Facebook account and (3) live in an area where there isn't already a PIF group on Facebook (because then it's better to join that instead). But assuming these conditions are met, then in practice we have already rolled out the carpet and created a step-by-step guide for how YOU can start a new PIF group on Facebook today in the area where you live. Click here to open the guide.

But isn't PIF an app? Well, in parallel with growing PIF on Facebook together, we are developing the PIF app, which in the long run will hopefully be able to grow the PIF community further, through, among other things, better scalability and a simpler interface. But PIF is to the highest degree an active community where we already together create a huge climate impact, by using our common resources instead of consuming new ones.

Because Facebook only shares very limited data, we find it difficult to accurately report our climate impact, but rough calculations show that it is guaranteed to be many tons of CO2 saved in the form of reduced emissions as a result of less new consumption. In times of increasingly polarized societies, the unifying power of PIF should not be underestimated either. The joy of giving and receiving, at the same time as we get to know our fellow human beings in the neighborhoods where we live and work, can also have a great social impact on individuals and on entire communities. Positive forces are needed now more than ever.

So thank you to all of you who are already piffing! And thanks to those of you who get inspired and want to start piffing. And special thanks to you who want to create a new PIF group in your local neighborhood. You are warmly welcome and we are here to support you all the way.

Read more here or email us at

Warm greetings,

The team behind PIF - Pay It Forward

PS. You can live anywhere in the world - PIF is needed all over the globe!

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