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Where Are We Right Now With PIF?

Now we are up and running with the blog! We, the initiators of the PIF app, would like to take you on our journey and share with us everything that happens behind the scenes to develop the PIF app. Part of that work is that we will continuously blog here. So if you want to stay up to date, sign up for blog updates in the top right corner and you will receive an email every time a new post is published. You can also follow us on Linkedin and Facebook.

Short intro to PIF:

Since many of you are new to what PIF is and the work we do, we thought we'd take it from the beginning. PIF = Pay it Forward. To pif = the verb/activity when we pass something on. The PIF app should contribute to the growth of the circular economy by making it easier for people to pass on things they no longer need and ask for things they actually need here and now. In this way, we do not need to buy new things as often, which leads to a reduction in our common need to own and consume.

Why is PIF needed?

In order for us to be able to jointly approach the United Nations's environmental goals, we need to change our consumption patterns. At the same time, we want to be able to continue consuming and renewing ourselves. A sustainable way is to instead consume more circularly. Instead of buying new things, we learn to reuse what has already been made but is new to us. We can also contribute by either giving them to someone who needs them when we no longer do it, or by so-called "upcycling" where you repair or modify used things. In this way, we give things a new life and a longer life.

The experience from PIF communities on Facebook has shown that many valuable relationships between neighbors also often develop in the positive spirit that is created when you pass things on. This is another important driving force that motivates us to make PIF available and thereby also spread the spirit of PIF to more people.

What is PIF doing now:

For a few months now, we are a small team working to develop a PIF app that is independent from other platforms and that is developed for the special needs of piffers. Right now we are working hard to complete the beta version of the app, that is, the version where we will invite external users to test and provide feedback on the basic functions of the app. So far we have pretty much only tested on friends and family so we are really looking forward to getting feedback from many more! Our ambition is for the beta version to be ready within the next few months.

If you want to test the beta version, sign up on and you will be invited to test the app first of all!

Later this spring we hope to be able to release the app to a wider audience who will then be able to use it fully. In connection with this, we will encourage the members of the Facebook groups to also start piffing in the app in the same way that they are currently piffing in the groups. After that, the ambition is to both grow locally and at the same time make PIF available to larger geographical areas than it has been so far.

The website has also received several new pages where you can read about us initiators, our story, PIF's Vision and Mission and how to become a supporter. Feel free to visit and of course you are welcome to spread the initiative in your own channels if you wish.

What you can do for PIF and the circular economy:

We all need to contribute to keep us moving in the right direction and here are some tips on what you can do to help:

- Sign up as a beta tester of the app at

- Follow us on Linkedin and Facebook and share our posts with your friends.

- Become a monthly donor at and help us cover the costs that this project generates.

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