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Anne Lichtenstein

Concept Development

Writer, journalist and lecturer who is passionate about social issues and educating about mental health and injustice. Love to reuse and solve practical problems to the point that the children call me the toy doctor. Whether it's a stuffed animal or a battery-powered toy dog, broken toys (and even household appliances) get new life in my hands.

My commitment to PIF began long before I joined a PIF group on Facebook, not knowing that it was PIF that I was doing. At the time I called it karma. I got help when I needed and gave away when I didn't. I wish I could call myself an early environmental activist, but it took well into the 2010s before I understood the seriousness of how we use up our earth's resources. But I don't think it's too late to steer to a more sustainable course. Together we can create a more fun and circular future!

Anne Lichtenstein
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