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Make Both Your Neighbor and the Planet Happy

The PIF* app is about passing on ("to pif") excess gadgets, clothes, furniture and other things that you no longer use or need, to someone in your community who actually has a use for them. Easy and free in your neighborhood. Good for the neighborhood as well as everyone's wallets and not least the planet. Recycling at its best, we think!

*PIF = Pay it Forward


Save the World - One PIF at a Time!

Happy Neighbor

Pif and make someone happy!
We are all happier by giving, receiving and helping each other.

Happy Wallet

If we share with others in our vicinity, we don't have to own or consume as much, which saves money for everyone.

Happy Planet

Reduced consumption = lower CO2 emissions, which helps slowing down global warming!

Testa betaversionen

Try the Beta Version!

Register your email address below, and we will invite you to test the beta version of the app that will be released in spring 2023, with the opportunity to provide feedback and influence the app's design and content. You will also receive the PIF newsletter with ongoing information about the development of the app and much more.

Register Your Email Address

Enter your email address below to be able to test the beta version of the app and to receive the PIF newsletter.

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PIFFED to Denise on 17/10-22


PIFFED TO Anna on 22/11-22


PIFFED TO hAnna on 20/9-21


PIFFED TO rebecca on 6/8-22


PIFFED TO thomas on 20/3-21


PIFFED to sandra on 14/3-21


PIFFED TO elinor on 9/2-22

PIFFED TO EVA on 17/10-22

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