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Start a local PIF community

Anyone can start a local PIF community on Facebook! We guide and support you all the way from forming the group to moderation, administration and attracting new members to grow the community. Start by letting us know you want to start a new group by clicking the button below!

How to create an active community

Get started with the PIF group:


Create a Facebook group

Start by creating a group and name it according to the formula "Area name PIF - Pay It Forward". Since many people search their area name to find new groups where they live or work, we put this first in the name to make it easier to find among other local groups, as Facebook's search engine has certain limitations. Then follow the guide we have developed so that you can easily and as quickly as possible create a new group with the right settings, without having to "invent the wheel" again! Click here to access the Wizard for creating a new PIF group on Facebook


Post a welcome post in the group

Create the first post even before you have invited the first member to the group, so that all future members are greeted with a nice welcome that sets the tone for the group. Be sure to write in a way that is as inclusive as possible, i.e. "we do this together" (so that there is no sense of distance between you who run the group and those who pif in the group). See sample texts here


Invite Facebook friends

Invite all your Facebook friends who live or work in the area. Also send private messages on messenger and tell them about PIF, that you have started the group and will be happy if they join and also invite their friends. It is important not only to invite, but also to write on messenger because many people miss pure group invitations but usually read direct messages.


Post own pifs in the feed

Post at least 10 posts with your own pifs and 1-2 requests in the feed, to show the group members in practice how to pif or request something in the group. As soon as someone has shown interest in a pif or search, others usually follow suit and soon also start piffing.


Post about the PIF group in other Facebook groups

Look for other local Facebook groups where your target group may be active, for example "City Community" or "What's up in the Area", become a member and make posts where you talk about PIF and links to the group. If the group is more niche, for example "Dog Owners in the Area", it is usually a good idea to contact the group admin and explain why you think the group members would be interested in learning about PIF and ask for permission to post or alternatively ask the group admin to post. See sample texts here


Post and share more information about yourself

When the group has started to grow in members; post a slightly longer post where you share a little bit more information about yourself/you who started the group, the Pay It Forward concept, how it is supposed to work in practical terms in the group and that the aim is that you create a more sustainable neighborhood together. Feel free to also encourage the group members to invite and advise others to join the group so that it grows and thus becomes better for the members and at the same time creates a greater climate impact. See sample texts here


Administer the group on an ongoing basis

When the group reaches a certain size, you will notice that the group is no longer as dependent on you yourself to pif, invite and try to keep the group active, as the members have become numerous and engaged enough to both fill the flow of pifs and spread the group further to others so that the group grows. Your role will then primarily be to monitor the influx of new members and keep track of the flow so that the rules are followed and that a good tone is kept in the posts and comments. The larger the group gets, the better the members also tend to be at keeping tabs on each other and reporting posts/comments that break the rules. As the group grows and the piffing increases, it is also nice to post encouraging posts and highlight how good you are at together live more sustainably and reducing consumption in the local area. See sample texts here

We help each other!

There is a common Messenger thread for us who administer PIF groups on Facebook where we answer each other's questions, brainstorm ideas and raise challenges and problems. We also hold regular digital meetings where we get the opportunity to get to know each other and share things big and small. Do not forget to notify us that you intend to start a PIF group so we can invite you to the forum!

Giving makes you happy

The research is clear: Giving without asking for anything in return makes you a happier person.

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